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Indian Classical Dances
Qualities And Performance in Dance
Hasta Mudra
Hand Gestures
The Navarasas
Gesture & Posture
Feet in Dance
Qualities & Performances


Qualities in dancer
Those who framed the rules of Indian dances also took care that nothing is missed. So they also prescribed, the qualities that a dancer should posses.

Qualities in Female Dancer
1. Well proportioned body
2. Pleasant face
3. Lustrous eyes
4. Attractive teeth
5. Firm breasts
6. Slender waist
7. Full hips
8. Solid thighs
9. Fair or dark
10. Charming personality
11. Confidence
12. Agility (able to move quickly and easily)
13. Endurance (tolerance)
14. Good memory.

Qualities she should not have
1. Disproportionate figure
2. Dull eyes
3. Sagging breasts
4. Scanty tresses (long lock of a womans hair)

Qualities in Male Dancer
1. Handsome
2. Distinguished
3. Well read in texts on arts
4. Versed in song
5. Instrumental music and dancing
6. Knowledgeable
7. Self assumed
8. Quick witted.

The dancer should be able to control his/her dance, should know when to begin and end and should be at ease when performing even when accompanied by song and instruments.



Qualities in Guru
He should be fully equipped with

1. Technique of dance
2. Vocal, instrumental music and rhythm
3. Imagination
4. Keen memory
5. Sharp intelligence
6. Strong creative bent
7. Capacity to mould his pupils into experts.

- Qualities in Pupils
1. Intelligent
2. Dedicated
3. Retentive
4. Refined taste
5. Spirited
6. Imbued with desire to excel.

Ideal audience
1. Calm
2. Pure minded
3. Gifted with imagination
4. Sympathetic
5. Without prejudice

Such people respond readily to what they see on stage. They can experience the emotions presented in front of them.

Audiences are assumed to have their own individual preferences, which are taken into consideration while entertaining them.

- Performance
A dance performance must always begin with a prayer.
It is very important as on when the performance will take place.
A performance can take place on any of the four recommended periods.
They are: -
Morning, afternoon, evening and dawn.

The performance should be in morning when the theme is of virtue.
If the story is about valour laced with music, the suitable time is afternoon.
Evening is best, when the theme is about love.
If the subject is about greatness of a hero or is heavy with pathos, the early hours is ideal time.
The middle of the day or night and the time of the evening prayer and meals are always avoided for performance.