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Indian Classical Dances
Styles of classical dances
Hasta Mudra
Hand Gestures
The Navarasas
Gesture & Posture
Feet in Dance
Qualities & Performances


Nritya is of two kind :
1. Marga : Marga is composed of both music and dancing.

2. Desi : Desi is that which is in practice amongst us, and which is performed before kings by men for their entertainment.

TandavaNritya can also be classified into two kind : -
1. Tandava
"Tandava", having been first performed by Tandu, an attendant of Shiva, the dance is called Tandava. Pun-nritya (male dancing) is Tandava.Tandava is of two kind :

* Pebali : Pebali consists of movements of the limbs alone and is loser of any dramatic element.

* Vahurupa : Vahurupa has dramatic elements such as frequently changing of dress. In Vahurupa, the dancer usually sings a Telena song. Telena is a song, which is composed of certain meaningless conventional words such as, Ta, Na, Dim, etc.



The Lasya dancing excites romance in the heart of youth. Stri-nritya (Female-dancing) is Lasya. Lasya is divided into Two parts :

* Chhurita :

The dance of the hero and heroine in a presentation of exciting love, including sentiment, passion is Chhurita.

* Yauvata :

The extremely graceful dance of dancing girls, accompanied with various shy movements with the magic to charm and fascinates is Yauvata.


Nritta is of three kinds :

* NrittaVishama : Vishama consists of many acrobatic feats like that of rope dancing.
* Vikata : Vikata consists of movements of a person in a dress, which strikes wonder and terror in the hearts of the beholders.
* Laghu : Laghu dance constitutes graceful upward trippings.

According to theme Indian Classical dances can be divided into two. They are: -

1. Lokadharmi
2. Natyadharmi

What a dance form projects through its actions can be familiar to what one does in day to day life or it can be stylized and therefore appear fanciful. The former is known as Lokadharmi, which means, what is there in world, the actual world, and the later is based on element of natya, or which is fiction.

Lokadharmi is easily understood, as it is direct and real, while is only imaginative and disguised.